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Wellbeing2u has been providing innovative, holistic wellness solutions since 2008. Our aim is to assist organisations to address challenges in the areas of human resources and organisational culture by educating, inspiring and empowering your staff to be the best version of themselves. Wellbeing2u programs have been proven to increase productivity, improve employee levels of engagement, decrease absenteeism and stress and create happier, healthier work environments.
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About Wellbeing2u

At Wellbeing2u we work with innovative companies to provide health and wellness strategies and services that will help you to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace as an Employer of Choice. Our three main focus’s are physical health (The Body), Mental Health (The Mind) and Workspace Design (The Environment).

Our Objective

To support your organisation to become an Employer of Choice through providing evidence-based solutions that encourage a culture of wellness and designing workplace environments to support the health and wellbeing of your staff and inspire them to thrive and deliver optimum results for your business.

Improve Productivity
Increase Staff Engagement
Reduce Stress & Absenteeism
Staff Rewards

Our Services

All of our programs and workshops are delivered with careful attention to detail, loving kindness, and empathy, as well as being tailored to align with your organisations health and wellbeing objectives.

Workplace Wellness
The Body
The Mind
Leadership Retreats

Change How You Work & Live

At Wellbeing2u, we understand the complexities of business and how work can effect the health and wellbeing of both your staff and your organisation.

``Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response.`` Viktor Frankl

Our Clients



Doing the meditation it actually cleared my mind and slowed down my thoughts that had been racing


Arthur J Gallagher

Thank you for the Mindfulness Workshop. You can tell how passionate you are and it made it easy to listen to you


Arthur J Gallagher

I am looking forward to practicing meditation and not feeling guilty of a wondering mind


Arthur J Gallagher

Most focused I have been in a presentation


Arthur J Gallagher

Donna’s sessions were really easy to apply in my daily life and when I do it in the morning, it makes me ready to start the day with a positive and calm energy! Thank you.

Kartika Hubud


I had never really done breathwork (part of the mindfulness program). I was easily distracted which lead to me being unproductive sometimes. After I did the mindful practices for just 10 minutes a day, it has helped me to focus on doing one thing at a time. The other thing that I noticed is I have become better at working under pressure. Donna’s calming voice and her clear explanations really helped me to shift my perspective and improve my wellbeing at work.

Karen Jean

Hailes Foundation

My job is computer and phone based, with very little movement from a seated position. In my first ten minute session with Wellbeing2u, as well as a remedial massage, I was given a short exercise to perform several times daily to stretch my shoulders out. The suggested stretch has really helped, meaning no more acupuncture and more comfortable sleep.

Alexandra Sims

People and Culture ANZ Bank

I just want to say you guys have done a fantastic job! You’ve really made an impact and we have had absolutely awesome feedback! You’ve compelled alot of people to email back to our Lounge thanking yourselves for the great service! I just thought I would email to say congratulations and well done. Thanks again for all your hard work this week.

Jamie Poole

Marketing Virgin Blue

Our Blog

“Mindfulness is the most reliable source of peace and joy. Anyone can do it. And it’s become increasingly clear that not only our health and well-being as individuals, but our continuation as a civilization and a planet depend on it. Thich Nhat Hanh”