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Wellbeing2u has been providing innovative, holistic wellness solutions since 2008. Our aim is to assist organisations to address challenges in the areas of human resources and organisational culture by educating, inspiring and empowering your staff to be the best version of themselves. Wellbeing2u programs have been proven to increase productivity, improve employee levels of engagement, decrease absenteeism and stress and create happier, healthier work environments.
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About Us

Who We Are And What We Do

About Wellbeing2U

Wellbeing2u provides empowering, innovative, holistic wellness solutions that assist organisations to position themselves as an Employer of Choice. We understand how positive, well designed health and wellbeing programs enhance business outcomes and affect organisational culture. As well as reducing the risk of workplace injuries our programs have been proven to increase productivity, improve employee levels of engagement, decrease stress and absenteeism and create happier, healthier workplaces.

Why We Do What We Do

“Change what is inside to change what is outside” Akiroq Brost

After 18 + years of providing a corporate massage program to some of the largest organisations and well recognized brands in this country, we could see from the inside what is happening with staff’s health and wellbeing and it’s not great. A lot of people are just not aware of the simple things they can do daily to improve their vitality and their health and wellbeing. Morning tea still comprises of sugar loaded cakes and slices and both managers and staff are under pressure and immense stress, and they can’t see a way out.

At Wellbeing2u we believe that the way to attract the best talent and employees to your business and retain them is by providing an inspiring environment to work at and then giving your staff the tools to improve their own physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

We work with various stake holders and service providers to deliver the best outcomes for you. Our health programs are scientifically proven to have positive impact and assist staff to make changes and establish healthier habits at work.

We are excited and delighted to have the opportunity to work with you, your team, your leaders and your organisation, to assist you to stand out as industry leaders. Self-focused awareness is the way forward and the time to start taking these programs to your staff is now

Wellbeing2u Service Guarantee

We guarantee to inspire, empower and educate your staff ,to encourage them to be the best versions of themselves, be more present and productive at work and contribute more to the overall health and wellbeing of your organisation as a result of participating in and implementing the knowledge from our programs.

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Doing the meditation it actually cleared my mind and slowed down my thoughts that had been racing


Arthur J Gallagher

Thank you for the Mindfulness Workshop. You can tell how passionate you are and it made it easy to listen to you


Arthur J Gallagher

I am looking forward to practicing meditation and not feeling guilty of a wondering mind


Arthur J Gallagher