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Wellbeing2u has been providing innovative, holistic wellness solutions since 2008. Our aim is to assist organisations to address challenges in the areas of human resources and organisational culture by educating, inspiring and empowering your staff to be the best version of themselves. Wellbeing2u programs have been proven to increase productivity, improve employee levels of engagement, decrease absenteeism and stress and create happier, healthier work environments.
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Ergonomic Awareness & Massage

Over a period of more than 18years of working with around 6000 clients in Australia,  we have found that massage is by far the most popular health and wellbeing initiative you can give to your staff.  You only have to mention that you have arranged for the massages to take place and the overall morale of the office will be lifted.  It’s a fabulous way to increase productivity, reduce stress and boost staff morale.

At Wellbeing2u our massage therapists have qualifications in both massage and ergonomics and this means that your staff receive the benefit of ergonomic education as well as the benefit of releasing muscular tension, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and pain, that’s two services for the price of one.

37% of all back pain is attributable to work (Nelson et al, 2005)

Movement Workshops

Our fabulous team, can spend 15 minutes taking your staff through a series of simple stretches designed to give more flexibility, greater movement and decrease the risk of musculoskeletal disorders which can occur at work.  This service is delivered as 4 x 15 minute sessions, a one hour workshop, with up to 20 people per session.  It is an interactive session, staff will get the opportunity to do the stretches and we provide strategies on how to make stretching fun as well as tools to implement it into your daily work.

Benefits Of Ergonomic Advice

The oH&S act of 2011 states, it is the responsibility of the employee to take reasonable care of their health and safety and it is the responsibility of the employer to provide and maintain for employees a working environment that is safe and without risks to health.  Therefore, it is falls to both parties to be aware of the optimum ergonomic setup to ensure that staff are not at risk of muscular strain and sprain injuries which can be incurred from either static motion (not moving enough) or repetitive strain injuries (overuse of certain muscles incurred from incorrect ergonomic set up)

  • Empowers staff to regulate their own ergonomic setup
  • Relieves stress in the body
  • Releases muscular tension and pain
  • Provides mental clarity
  • Increases productivity
  • Boosts staff morale

How It Works

Our team of highly trained, enthusiastic massage therapists will roam from desk to desk and ask staff if they would like a short neck and shoulder massage and while they are doing the massage they are able to view and assess the staff members current ergonomic setup and advise of any simple adjustments that can be made that would increase the level of comfort and increase their health and wellbeing.

If a staff member declines the massage, they can choose to take up the option of ergonomic advice, there is something for everyone.

We allow for 7 sessions per hour, around 8 minutes per person for this service.

Fees start from just $13 per person (exluding GST).


Feedback From Our Valuable Clients

The team at Wellbeing2u delivered a massage at the desk with ergonomic advice for around 300 members of our staff .   The booking process was easy, the staff arrived on time and It was a great success.  Many of our staff made adjustments to their own ergonomics on the spot, which resulted in them feeling more comfortable at their desks and gave them an improved sense of wellbeing.  We would recommend the ergonomics with massage services Wellbeing2u and we are considering offering it to our staff on a regular basis. Laura Mensa Mars Wrigley .

I just had a 15 minute seated massage with Wellbeing2u and it was great.  I have had a bit of a problem with my back and my shoulder and in a matter of 15 minutes with a bit of massage and a bit of instructions on what I could do to improve my posture and the ergonomics at my desk, I went back to my desk feeling much better, and in a better state of mind.  It was wonderful, I can’t recommend it highly enough, our whole team has been absolutely buoyed by the service we have been offered and we will definitely do it again.  Kate Elliott The Hopkins Group



Doing the meditation it actually cleared my mind and slowed down my thoughts that had been racing


Arthur J Gallagher

Thank you for the Mindfulness Workshop. You can tell how passionate you are and it made it easy to listen to you


Arthur J Gallagher

I am looking forward to practicing meditation and not feeling guilty of a wondering mind


Arthur J Gallagher