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Wellbeing2u has been providing innovative, holistic wellness solutions since 2008. Our aim is to assist organisations to address challenges in the areas of human resources and organisational culture by educating, inspiring and empowering your staff to be the best version of themselves. Wellbeing2u programs have been proven to increase productivity, improve employee levels of engagement, decrease absenteeism and stress and create happier, healthier work environments.
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Who We Are And What We Do

Workplace Wellness

The 12 month program is tailored specifically to your staff and your organisation. We gather data through the use of a HRA and work closely with you and your leadership team to develop a comprehensive health and wellbeing program that guarantees results. Your workplace wellness program will assist to:

Manage Stress & Reducing Anxiety

Increase Productivity & Staff Engagement

Create Happier, Healthier Staff

Manage risk aversion

Reduce Workcover Levy

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The Body

The International congress on occupational health (2012) consensus stated that the goal of workplace risk management should be to prevent or reduce musculoskeletal discomfort that is at risk of worsening with work activities, and that affects work ability or quality of life. Dr Jodi Oakman, a senior lecturer on ergonomics and human factors at Latrobe University states “In terms of workplace focus, musculoskeletal disorders are an important issue. The issue around mental health disorders is that they are very complex and very expensive because there are significant challenges in getting people back to work”. She goes on further to say that the work related muscular skeletal disorders are most likely to develop over time and that people with cumulative injury have a higher risk of acute injury.
That’s why our focus is to provide movement workshops and ergonomic roaming massage services, specifically tailored to your workforce, to educate your staff to better understand how they can improve or improvise with their own ergonomics and get up and do some stretches that will give them instant pain relief, reduce the risk of muscular skeletal injuries and empower them to look after their own ergonomics and their own bodies while they are at work.

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The Mind

Our Mindfulness and self-awareness programs will give your staff the tools to manage and reduce stress, increase attention, encourage mental clarity and resolve conflicts with ease and grace.

Empowered, inspired employees equal inspiring and empowering places to work and that means less stress, greater productivity and higher returns on investment for your business.

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In 2014, the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality published research on the efficacy of meditation. They concluded that:

“Meditation programs, in particular Mindfulness programs, reduce multiple negative dimensions of psychological stress”

Leadership Retreats

At Wellbeing2u we understand that people thrive under the guidance and mentorship of great leaders. It is our commitment and guarantee to inspire, empower and educate your staff, to encourage them to be inspirational leaders, to be more present and productive at work and contribute more to the overall health and wellbeing of your organisation as a result of participating in and implementing the knowledge from our retreats.

Your retreat will:-

Increase self awareness

provide you with tools to manage stress and anxiety

give you strategies to support your team to work more congruently and productively

assist to build the confidence to handle challenging conversations at work

give the opportunity to feel refreshed and invigorated

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Wellbeing2u Service Guarantee

We guarantee to inspire, empower and educate your staff ,to encourage them to be the best versions of themselves, be more present and productive at work and contribute more to the overall health and wellbeing of your organisation as a result of participating in and implementing the knowledge from our programs.

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Train Yourself to Exercise in the Morning in Just One Week.

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Doing the meditation it actually cleared my mind and slowed down my thoughts that had been racing


Arthur J Gallagher

Thank you for the Mindfulness Workshop. You can tell how passionate you are and it made it easy to listen to you


Arthur J Gallagher

I am looking forward to practicing meditation and not feeling guilty of a wondering mind


Arthur J Gallagher